Terms and Conditions


T & C for Membership(Here LVB means Local Vocal Business in below rules.)

(1) This membership is only for Businessman.

(2) The amount which we are taking against membership is only for all type of benefits which we have mentioned on website or our executive show you on physical copy of Local Vocal Business.

(3) If any physical meeting will be done by our ends then whatever amount which we decided for that to pay for Venue or any hospitality then they have to must pay for it in advance. In this portion of physical meets all rules apply of absenteeism.

(4) All monthly meets, Business webinar, expert talk, etc. all will be held on physical or on online platform for only local vocal members. physical meeting rules will be same as number (3).

(5) In meeting only speak about your business, specific Business category. If anyone speak about other cross business category or which is already not listed on official form and if some member will raise the issue against him/her then that member will be removed from all official groups & from application also. And also a membership will be cancelled without any prior notice.

(6) If any businessman become member of LVB then they have to do V2V(vocal to vocal) with member and also passing references with member also.

(7) All the Member are expected to represent themselves in an exemplary manner – both in conduct as well as appearance. Men are required to be dressed up in – a blazer, a pair of trousers and a formal shoes. whereas women are required to either wear a pair of trousers and a formal shirt along with formal shoes or a decent traditional attire. Kindly note – casuals, party wear, or any other inappropriate attire will prohibit the member from attending the meeting. The respective Leadership Team(LT) responsible for the same.

(8) The Leadership Team will be appointed on a selection basis and changes after every 6 month.

(9) LVB is a reference platform, any business generated in between member then there is no any commission system, if we found any type of that activity then their membership may be cancelled by LT or Director or City Main Office.

(10) Members can go in other group as a observer after permission of that other respective group Leadership team on special special day celebration or any social function.

(11) If any member remain absent because of Medical Reason then they have to submit medical proof to Leadership Team.

(12) In Official Meeting any member come after 7:45 AM then it’s count as late absent and 3 late absent is equal to 1 Absent.

(13) In Membership Period any Member of LVB can remain absent for 3 times in rolling period of 6 month, more then that membership will cancelled by LT or Director OR by Main City Office.

(14) In Membership Period any Member of LVB can send substitute for 3 times in rolling period of 6 month, more then that membership will cancelled by LT or Director OR by Main City Office more then 3 time as s substitute will be count as an absent.

(15) If any Member terminated on basis of absenteeism policy then he/she will apply after 3 month for membership.

(16) If any member want to change their respective business category then they he/she has to compulsory renew the membership, this will be also possible after only vacant category found in group which he/she wants to go. otherwise his/her will be transfer in other group of LVB.

(17) If any member want to change their group or want to change their group at the time of renew the membership then they have to compulsory cancel the membership and after 3 month he/she will apply it again if any vacant category found. 

(18) In one group 2 same business category can join. not more than that allow in one group.

(19) In LVB strictly banned on category of MLM(Multi Level Marketing) or in block-chain type category.

(20) Any unofficial member can come only 2 time as a visitor after that he/she has to compulsory become member of LVB.

(21)  All type of updates of LVB will be put on social media handle of LVB like Facebook, instagram, Twitter platform, all member has to compulsory like and follow it for updates.

(22) There is strictly banned to take name of LVB in any social meeting or in any other business group also.

(23) All Policy will be changed on time to time, member has to agreed with it.

(24) If any member has any type of problem or suggestion then they have to mail on official mail ID : localvocalbusinessofficial@gmail.com .

(25) If any act of mental/physical or sexual harassment against any member is considered, the membership of that person will be canceled immediately and in any case the inclusion of the head office will be subject to the consent of the head office and all legal process will be within limits.

(26) in meeting, which is held by local vocal business, if someone use abuse word or don’t follow the meeting rules then whatever action taken by authority, then they have to follow it compulsory.

(27) In this group, you will meets lots of different type of members. In that member, if your are doing any type of business or collaboration then all policy regarding payment and any legal advisory, we are not doing any interference or will not take any responsibility of it. It’s up to your ends.

(28) We are not giving any type of business guarantee after taken membership of it because it’s depending on your business and business representation also. In some way client can’t understand or your business method or policy or you can’t able to give best then other or other lots of points Which can directly affect on it.

(29) Any Business become between two members regarding their services or goods and if payment related issues may be occurred or happened then we are not responsible for it. Before doing any business or service please checkout their background properly.

(30) All Businessman has to compulsory follow the 15 Days meeting pattern if they are joining in any one particular business group.

(31) All final decision will be taken on benefits of all members by all directors, then all of members has to compulsory agreed on it.

(32) For Becoming Member of Local Vocal Business, they Have to Pay Membership Fees For One Year. And After One Year They want to continue then they Have To Renew It Again before one month of expire of membership.

(33) After Buying Yearly Membership, there is not a return policy or cancellation policy if Any member will be removed by head team or any leader by not following any rules & Regulation.

Business library (books):

T & C for Business Library

(1) All books which are listing on the website is only available for reading which we have already bought from XYZ store or any online platform or some readers may have donate for reading.

(2) This books are not for reselling, just only for reading.

(3) if any user or member want to buy own book then they can buy from their end. If we know the authorised seller name or details then we’ll provide for your easiness.

(4) All reading related rules for book is up to our ends.

(5) If anyone who already take the book for reading on basis of membership & he/she not returned it on time then panelty or any decided extra charges will be taken. If book lost by reader then charges will be taken from them against it, if not paid by member then membership will be cancelled & remove from official listing.

(6) if book will be returned with damaged or in weak condition, then at that time damaged charges also taken by us.

(7) All books which we provide for reading, they have to submit it before it’s time limit or on that date.

(8) Business Library Access only for privileged members who have take the membership of local vocal Business.

(9) In our Library if Someone wants to donate their book or wants to sell their own book then they can directly contact us which is given on website “Contact Us” tab.

(10) if we found some mismanage on given system then we can change our rules or needed steps may be taken on it.